How to Improve Home Comfort by Reducing Sun Glare on Windows

Glare occurs when an excessive amount of light enters the eyes from a natural source like sunlight or an artificial source like light bulbs. In homes, sun glare often happens because of clear and untreated glass windows. While it is often distracting, glare can also cause disablement and other physical discomforts. Moreover, too much exposure to sun [...]

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Infographic: Pros and Cons of Ceramic Window Tinting

Window tints have always been an integral part of a motorist’s life. Without window tints, the people inside the vehicle would not be protected from the harmful effects [...]

Ways To Keeps Kids Safe While Driving

It is the responsibility of the elders to maintain the safety of children at all costs. This does not exempt when the kids are in the vehicle with responsible adults. Kids [...]

Infographic: Five Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Winter

With the holidays being nearer and nearer every day, the cold weather is approaching closer than we could expect. As the cold season starts, we adapt to the environmental [...]

How To Tell If Window Tints Are Good or Bad

Window tints are a great accessory to every car because it makes the car look cooler and at the same time, literally makes it cooler too. Perfectly installed car window tints [...]

Infographic: The 5 Damages The Sun Can Do To Your Car

If you are a car owner, having window tints on your car should no longer be a question. Window tints provide the necessary protection that we need on our vehicle. If your [...]

The Risks Of Not Having Window Tints

Car window tints are not made to make the windows of your car look more dashing. They serve a vital purpose in the life of a driver and having them is a need more than a [...]

Infographic: Five Things to do After Tinting Car Windows

We know that having car window tints are exciting because it makes your car look cool. Also, car window tints are good for protecting our skin and car interior against the [...]

5 Tips In Choosing A Window Tint Provider

One of the things you should consider after buying a new vehicle is the type of window tint that you will have on your car. Most of the time, car owners tend to figure first [...]

8 Questions To Ask Before Car Window Tinting

Tinting your car windows is not only beneficial because of its protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun, but it also looks cool and adds aesthetic value to the car. [...]

Infographic: Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths

Millions of car owners in the United States have tinted car windows. It is a common thing to have windows tinted because of the benefits it has. The main function of car [...]