Infographic: Five Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Winter

With the holidays being nearer and nearer every day, the cold weather is approaching closer than we could expect. As the cold season starts, we adapt to the environmental change happening to us. We put on warm clothes, eat hot food, and stand by the fireplace.

If we need adjustments in the winter, so does our vehicles. Our cars could also suffer and cause problems in the winter if not taken care of. If you have no idea on what parts of your vehicle you should check, here are some pointers to follow.

Have A Window Tint Inspection

During winter, there are times where the sun sets early which brings us darker nights, especially during the winter solstice. If your window tints are at a higher shade, it’s time to reconsider changing it for the sake of safety of others and yourself.

Windshields that have a very high window tint percentage can have problems in seeing the road during the night. There are car window tinting services that offers free check-ups on your car. You can go there and get some advice on how high your tints can be.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The pressure of your tires can decrease as the air becomes colder that is why you should check your tire pressure more often during winter season. You can find the proper inflation level of your tire inside the driver’s door jam.

You should also consider the type of tires that you are using for your car. All-season tires are the best ones for driving when the weather is lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. For places that are mostly snowy, it is best to use winter tires.

Get Battery Tests

The capacity of your car’s battery can decline once the winter hits. It is important to have your car battery tested by a trusted mechanic to ensure that there will be no problems when driving in the winter.

One of the tools that you need to always bring with you are jumper cables. If you want to protect your car from the freezing wind, you can always look for indoor parking spaces instead of exposing them outside.

Look For Cracks In The Windshield

If your car has cracks in the windshield, it’s better to get them fixed before the winter comes because the cold temperature can worsen those cracks. If you have good quality window tints, the cracks on your car could have a better chance in withstanding the winter but still, it will eventually worsen.

Replacing your wiper blades is also a good move when the winter is approaching. You should have wiper blades that has the capacity to make the windshield clear from snow. A washer fluid for subfreezing temperatures can also help.

Inspect Your Headlights And Brake Lights

It is important to have fully-functional headlights and brake lights during the winter. Having good quality lights should be a top priority to make yourself safer at night. Not only will lights help you see, it will help other drivers see you as well.

Buy a plastic headlight repair kit on your local hardware store and always bring it with you. Haze can affect your headlights which ultimately leads to making your lights less bright.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your driving during the winter will be safe. Yes, driving in the winter is difficult but there are ways to make it easier and here are some of them. However, the most important tip that we could give you is to enjoy the winter with your loved ones!

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