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Global Tint Advanced Nano-Technology Window Films

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fifty 50 Ceramic Film
Crystal Clear Optics

Virtually clear, with almost no aesthetic change to windows while providing 50% glare reduction. Blocks almost all UVA and UVB rays - the main cause of car interior fading and skin damage. Scratch resistant coating .

Twilight Ceramic Film
Cool Elegance

Sophisticated good looks for a sleek, neutral appearance. Reduces reliance on air conditioning and helps to reduce fuel consumption. Providing you with good heat rejection while giving you a clear view from your windows day & night.

Luna Ceramic Film
Ultimate Style

Looks great & compliments most vehicle colors and will stand the test of time. Color stable that retains pigment integrity and never fades. Providing 78& glare reduction, while boasting a neutral black color with low reflectivity and 99& UV protection,

Sable Ceramic Film
Maximum Performance

Giving you a combination of privacy and security while also providing you with the most comfortable driving experience. Cermaic films won't interfere with mobile phone, GPS or satellite radio reception. Blocks almost all UVA and UVB rays.

  • Fifty 50 Film
  • Twilight Window Film
  • Luna Window Film
  • Sable Window Film