How To Tell If Window Tints Are Good or Bad

Window tints are a great accessory to every car because it makes the car look cooler and at the same time, literally makes it cooler too. Perfectly installed car window tints protect the car from the heat, reduces the amount of UV rays getting inside the car, secures privacy, and provides an extra layer of protection for the windows.

Ensuring that the tints are properly installed is important if you want your money’s worth. The alarming fact is that most car owners do not know whether their tints are good or badly installed. If you are one of them, don’t you worry. Here are the ways of identifying whether a tint job is good or bad.

Signs Of Bad Window Tinting

Noticeable gap and uneven lines- A sign of bad window tinting is the uneven gap between then the tint film and the window edge. This means that the window tints used are not pre-cut using computerization.

Purple tint- Cheap window tint films turn purple after a short time as the dye fades away. These films are not made to last long periods of time. Be noted that there might be little bubbles after window tinting, but this is because of moisture. If the cars bubbled out after a short period, this is a sign of poor installation.

Distorting bubbles- Bubbles can be noticed on the first few hours after installation. But, if large bubbles come, chances are the window tints installed are cheap films. Bubbles are hideous and damage the tints.

Heat transfer- Bad window tints do not reduce the heat coming in the car even on a darker shade. To know if the heat is the same, place one hand inside the car near the window and the other outside the car. If the heat feels the same on both hands, there is some bad news for you.

Signs Of Good Window Tinting

Small and clean edges- Good window tints have clean edges that are close at the window pane. Professional window tinting companies have computerized templates to use on your car windows. They also sand down dots to have a consistent line at the edge of the dot matrix.

High-quality tint films- Professional window tint companies have high-quality tint films whatever shade you want. There are also a lot of options on what kind of window tint you want to use. High-quality films have good adhesive quality that does not easily fade.

Warranties- Good window tinting companies have warranties on their service because they are confident that the window films they have are beyond great quality. If you are lucky, some even have a lifetime warranty for their services. Bad window tinting stores do not have warranties because they know that their products would not last long.

Firmly affixed to defroster bars- To prevent gaps and bubbles around the defroster bars, expert tint installers will ensure the film is well placed and firmly affixed to this elevated area.

Bad window tinting is always because of cheap window tints being installed, an inexperienced person installing the tints, or worse, both. To avoid this problem, be sure to be on a window tinting company that has a huge reputation in America. If you are looking for a reliable window tinting company in California, you can always go to Global Tint USA.