Infographic: The 5 Damages The Sun Can Do To Your Car

If you are a car owner, having window tints on your car should no longer be a question. Window tints provide the necessary protection that we need on our vehicle.

If your car windows are not tinted yet, now is the time to contact the car window tinting company in your area, and if you don’t, here are the possible damages that the sun can do to your vehicle if you refrain from having car window tints.

The Sun Damages The Car Seats And Airbags

If you have no window tints, the heat of the sun will accumulate inside the vehicle because there is no material that reduces the heat while your car is parked. This can cause the car seats to crack and chip. Having your car not tinted gives you the risk of paying for more for fixing the upholstery of the vehicle.

Not having window tints also increases the chance of the car seats and carpets to fade quickly. In the matter of safety, not having tints damages the airbags as well because of the extreme warmth the car has when parked outside with no window tints.

The Sun Damages The Parts Under The Hood Of The Car

On a more mechanical aspect, the intense heat from the sun can cause the belts and hoses of your car to be broken. A broken hose or belt can lead to an overheated radiator resulting in the vehicle to be inoperable.

Moreover, fluid levels can decrease if your car windows have not been tinted yet. Low fuel levels can cause the vehicle to break down or overheat. Heat can also affect the levels of antifreeze. Checking on these parts is surely beneficial if you want to have a safe journey.

The Sun Damages The Parts Essential For Safety And Value

The sun can not just damage the interior of the car. It can also put your lives in potential danger if you have no window tints. Two of the crucially-affected parts of sun’s heat are the tires and airbags.

Tire pressure can increase up to 15% difference because of the heat, and the airbags can shrink and lose its strength. Heat is also a factor in why airbags are losing weight, which can make them ineffective during accidents.

What Can You Do To Avoid These Damages?

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to avoid the damage of the sun as much as possible. For starters, one of the best ways of avoiding so is, of course, parking in areas that provide shade. If you can park on areas with trees or inside a parking lot or a garage, never refrain from doing so.

You can also use covers to cover your car. Dash covers and hand towels on the steering wheel are proven effective. Having a little opening on the window is also not a bad idea. Just make sure that you open the window little enough to promote ventilation. Make sure that even a hand would not fit into the opening.

And of course, the best way to keep your car cooler is to make sure that you have window tints installed so the heat will be decreased. Going to your nearest and most reliable window tint provider is the key to making your car literally and figuratively cooler.

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