Infographic: Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths

Millions of car owners in the United States have tinted car windows. It is a common thing to have windows tinted because of the benefits it has. The main function of car tints is to protect the car from UV radiation. The amount of protection a tint gives depends on its material, and the amount of tint film placed on the window.

In line with this, window tints keep the car cooler as they prevent heat coming inside of the car. Tints are also helpful in preventing glass shards from flying once the car windows have been broken. For those people who want privacy, car surely hides the persons and possessions inside the vehicle as they come in dark colors.

But then, there are rumors floating around the car tinting industry. There are misconceptions on what car tints are capable of which sometimes upsets car owners as their expectations fall. Here are the top six car tinting myths,

Myth 1: Car tinting is solely for aesthetics

A tremendous amount of car owners thinks that having car tints is solely for making the car look cooler. Little do they know that car tints don’t just make the car look cooler, it makes the car itself cooler as it blocks 40-60% of solar heat. It also keeps the car seats from fading easily as most car window tints block 99% of UV rays.

Myth 2: Car tinting is against the law

If your only reason for not having window tints is the prohibition of them in the law, then you have wasted a vast amount of time. It is untrue that car tinting is unlawful in most international laws.

The laws on car tinting only differ per location. For instance, it is unlawful to tint entrance door glasses, but the rest of the car can be tinted as dark as you want. Before going to any car tinting service, make sure to check the laws first on how darkish your windows can be.

Myth 3: Most tints will eventually bubble out

High-quality window tints do not bubble out. You probably have used cheap window tints or have it installed by amateurs.

If you do not want to have tints that eventually get blemished by purple bubbles, the best ones to use are tints made of metal, metal dye hybrids, ceramic particles, and crystalline materials. Also, have your tints installed by professionals like the ones we have here at Global Tint.

Myth 4: Window tints will decrease my car’s resale value

In some cases, this might be true but not all. The resale value of a used automobile depends on how well the overall condition of the car is. However, some car buyers do not like cars that are already tinted. If that is the case, the solution for this dilemma should be finding a buyer that wants or does not care if the car has tinted windows. Some buyers even want tinted windows because they no longer have to install them after purchase.

Myth 5: Window tints make windows unbreakable

Unfortunately, this is not true. Car windows do not get unbreakable after tinting because the hardness of the window depends on the glass itself and not on the tint. However, window tints increase the strength of the windows and prevent shards from falling quickly.

If ever a theft is going to break your window and steal your personal belongings, extra effort is needed before breaking the window. Unbreakable windows can somehow be made through customization.

Myth 6: Anyone can tint, so there is no need for professionals

You might think that tint installation is as easy as putting stickers on paper, but in reality, it is not. Even if you watch a boatload of Do-It-Yourself window tinting tutorial videos on the internet, nothing matches the services of a legitimate car tinting service.

Precision, expertise, and proper tinting equipment is needed to make sure that the tinting installation is heading in the right direction.

DIY car tints are the sole reason for having bubbly tints eventually. Not only would you get proper tint installation, but you will also have warranties of all sorts when going to a professional tint installer.

Before actually believing these rumors about car tinting, make sure that you consult to a professional tinting company such as Global Tint to make sure that what you hear is true. Most likely, they will tell you everything you needed to know and even assist you with your needs.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting company in California that can install high-quality and cutting-edge car tints, visit our website today at 

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  1. I found it helpful when you said that car tint blocks around 60 percent of solar heat. Since I just got a new Hyundai last week, I want to add a high-grade car tint to it so it looks cool while also keeping my car cool this summer. I’ll have to look up professionals that I can get a good deal from.

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