Infographic: The Six Type of Car Window Tint Films

For most Americans car owners, especially those who live in areas that experience sunny weather for most of the year, such as California window tints are indeed an indispensable installation for their vehicles.

Having a car window tint protects the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays the sun contains. Window tints block 99% of the UV rays which prevent the skin from suffering from sunburn and aging prematurely.

Another benefit of installing tints on car windows is the fact that it can prevent glass shards from flying towards the passengers if an accident has occurred. Car owners could have much more privacy if car tints are installed as well, which ultimately helps in lessening the chances of theft.

However, tint films used in car windows are not similar. All of them have different characteristics and are suited to different car types. Depending on your budget and preference, each has its unique benefit.

Dyed Window Tinting

Among all the types of tint film, one can say that dyed window tint is the cheapest. However, it should never be underestimated because it can still block UV rays from the sun and hide your possessions inside your vehicle in broad daylight. The downside of using a dyed tint is it fades over time which means that it needs to be replaced. Among all the window tints available in the market, dyed tints provide the darkest shade. They are also a cost-efficient option for those on a budget.

Metalized Window Tinting

Unlike dyed tint films, metalized tint films are more long-lasting and would not fade in a short period. Metalized window films are also characterized by their stronger shatter- and scratch-resistance. Other advantages of using metalized window tints are its effectiveness in blocking heat and its ability to reduce glare. Just like dyed tint films, metalized ones also reduce heat by reflecting it. However, one downside of metalized window tints is it could ruin phone, radio, and other devices that need to receive radio signals to operate.

Hybrid Window Tinting

As what the name suggests, hybrid window tints are a combination of metalized and dyed window tint films. They are made to combine the positive qualities of both while eliminating its negative ones. For example, titanium grey dye is known for being not too dark nor too reflective. This kind of window tint provides the necessary amount of darkness to provide privacy while blocking a decent amount of UV rays.

Carbon Window Tinting

Among all the tint films on this list, carbon window tint might be one of the best. Carbon tint films block not just UV rays but IR rays as well which means that it does not only block sunlight but also prevents the inside of the car from heating up quickly saving the color of the upholstery. Unlike dyed window tint, carbon films do not fade. Another factor one should consider in buying this film is the matte-finish that adds to the attractiveness of the car.

Crystalline Window Tint

Other car owners do not like the sight brought by tinting. They love windows that could protect them from the sun’s intense heat while seeing a clearer view of the way. If this is the case, crystalline window tint is the best option. Crystalline tints are also known for blocking more heat than darker tints even in a thinner amount. These tints will not also interfere with your cellphone and GPS signals because they are not made from metals.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints are known for being high-end. However, its price surely pays when it blocks more than 50% of solar heat without blocking the window’s visibility. They also block UV radiation by 99%. Aside from this, ceramic window tint is known for being made from a non-conductor material which means that there will be lesser costs from air-conditioning. Like crystalline window tint films, ceramic tints do not also interfere with signals.

You can choose a tint depending on your budget and needs. As long as you are sure that the car tinting center you are doing business with is a reliable one, there is no worry of having a useless tint. Although, one should be mindful before installing car tints because each state has laws and restrictions on how much darkness a car tint should have.

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that ceramic window tints block 50 percent of solar heat. I’ve been wanting to tint my new Acura since I just got it last week and it doesn’t have tint on it. I’ll be sure to share this with him so he can find a high-grade window tint that can make my car look great while also keeping the UV rays out.

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