Window Tinting Scams You Should Avoid

Even the industry of car window tinting is not safe from fraudulent scammers and repair shops that do everything to provide low-quality service at the highest price. 

They say that a sucker is born every minute, and you do not want to be a victim of such a scam. Having a vigilant and knowledgeable mind can prevent you from spending so much for something so little. First-timers are the usual victims of these crooks, and if you have no idea what the most common window tint scams are, we are here to help you. 

Floating Tint Stores 

There are car window tinting stores that emerge out of nowhere. Most of the time, these installers offer cheap window tinting installations because they do not pay for insurance, taxes, and high-quality films. Some even offer lifetime warranties, but the second you get it, they are no longer operating in your area and already moved somewhere. 

If you ever come across a new window tinting shop, ask for their permits to operate and their company profile. You can also go to the Better Business Bureau and ask for their company location, how long they are working, and if there were complaints against the company. 

Outdoor Car Tinting 

Whether you believe it or not, there are gullible people out there who think that you can get superior quality window tints by having your windows tinted outside. Tinting outside can have dust, dirt, pollen, and small bugs if you decide to get your shades installed outdoors.

Always have your window tints installed indoors in a clean environment. The best place to fix car window tints is inside a garage that is air-conditioned without dust and other particles that can stick on the window tint films. Mobile tinting is okay, but be careful because it can be a cover for not having a business location. 

No UV Protection

The main reason for automotive window tint installation is its capability to protect our skin and vehicle from the harsh rays of the sun. Window tints are also proven to reduce the heat coming inside the car. However, there are tinting businesses that do not contain UV protection on their dyes. 

Reputable window film manufacturers have UV inhibitors that clearly states the UV rejection on their websites and specification cards. One of the ways of tint manufacturers to cut costs is to have no UV inhibitors, and if you don’t see one in their films, consider looking for another tinting store. 

What to do After Finding a Fraudulent Window Film Installer? 

It takes time before knowing that your window tints are not correctly installed. If you are ever a victim of a fake window tint film installer, the best thing to do is never to come back to that installer again and tell every motorist you know to never go there. 

You can also push legal measures if they do not offer a refund. However, avoiding these situations in the first place and going to a reputable and trusted window tinting company like Global Tint USA will surely be the best move to do. If you’re looking for a trusted and registered window tinting in California, call us today at (855) 489-8468.

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