How to Improve Home Comfort by Reducing Sun Glare on Windows

Glare occurs when an excessive amount of light enters the eyes from a natural source like sunlight or an artificial source like light bulbs. In homes, sun glare often happens because of clear and untreated glass windows.

While it is often distracting, glare can also cause disablement and other physical discomforts. Moreover, too much exposure to sun glare can worsen an existing eye ailment, result in severe eye damage or even blindness in extreme cases.

Apart from vision problems, glare coming from the sun can also elevate the room’s temperature, making the environment more uncomfortable. It can increase your utility bills and cause damage to your home’s interior over time.

Different Glare Types

There are two types of glare that homeowners usually have to deal with, namely disability glare and discomfort glare.

  • Disability glare stems from direct sunlight that bounces off the surface of or covers the object you are looking at. This type of glare can make it difficult to see your TV, computer, or mobile phone’s screen, especially if the monitor’s brightness is low.
  • Discomfort glare, on the other hand, happens when the light coming through the side of what you are looking at is brighter than the object. This glare type makes it difficult to focus visually for prolonged intervals because of too much light entering the eyes. Consequently, headaches and eye fatigue may result if you are exposed to discomfort glare for too long.

Oftentimes, several methods are required to reduce glare from sunlight to boost comfortability inside the house.

What to do to Reduce Sun Glare

When choosing your interior colors, it is advisable to use lighter shades to make windows look less illuminated. Since glare can stem from the sun’s reflection, having dark interiors can make the outside seem brighter in comparison. Furthermore, you should also limit the number of windows installed in your home. Natural light may be beneficial, but too many windows might reduce comfort and even impact your property’s overall design. Another tip is to use foliage to block the sun and create some shade to prevent sun glare from windows.

If you want a quicker remedy, opting for window treatments might do the trick. However, it is important to keep in mind that some window treatments might cause the room to look darker than you would want it to be. If you want a solution that enables you to reduce sun glare without sacrificing natural light, window films might be a more practical choice.

Some window films are obscured and offer UV protection and privacy while keeping natural light. Since they can hold glass into place when broken, window films also provide extra security.

Where to Have Window Films Installed?

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