Signs that Your Window Film is Deteriorating [Infographics]

Whether for your home, car, or commercial property, installing window films is a worthy investment in California. They provide numerous advantages, including increased privacy, security, sun protection, and energy efficiency. Window films are also cost-efficient, meaning that by the end of their service life,

With proper maintenance care, your window film will last for a long time, even a little over its average lifespan. Conversely, poor installation, climate conditions, and improper care are some factors that can speed up their aging process.

It is important to keep an eye out for signs of deterioration on your window films, so you can address them immediately or decide if it is already time for a replacement. To know what you should be on the lookout for, below are the usual indications of a deteriorating window film.


Among the evident signs of window film deterioration is fading. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat will cause your window film to lose its original color over time. Using low-quality film and faulty installation can also speed up the fading process.

Although some window films are manufactured to withstand and protect against UV rays for a longer period, they are not entirely impervious to sun damage. When your window film is nearing its lifespan and starts to lose its shade, you can consult with services for window tinting Ontario CA, for a replacement.

Turning Purple

Apart from losing their color, window films often also turn purple with sun damage. Dyes used in window tints are a combination of red, blue, and yellow colors. In comparison to the red and blue dyes, the yellow tint is comprised of a more unstable compound that is more susceptible to breaking down from UV rays. When the yellow dye breaks down, it leaves the red-blue combination, resulting in the window film’s purple appearance.


Heat and sunlight can also cause window films to become brittle over time. The window film material will lose its flexibility, making it susceptible to cracking when hit with enough force.

Bubble Formation and Peeling

Improper installation and using substandard-quality window film can cause bubbles and bugles to form. However, it also occurs with natural deterioration. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat will break down the film’s adhesive as time goes by, leading to the presence of bubbles between the window and the window film. Wearing down the window film’s adhesive can also cause it to peel from the edges.

Scratches and Gouges

Many window films are made to be tougher, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant, but they are also prone to wear and tear after being used for a long time.

Scratches and scrapes can also form because of certain actions. For example, you might attempt to use abrasive material on your window film to get rid of imperfections. Having particular items with hard or sharp edges lean against your window can also cause these deformities.

Where to get Window Films Installed?

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