6 Habits to Avoid When You Have Tinted Car Windows

Sometimes, car owners overlook particular habits that might be detrimental to their tinted car windows. While these actions do not cause damage immediately, they can build up flaws over a certain period. After installing your car window tint Riverside CA, here are six habits to avoid to keep it in good condition and last longer.

Parking Under Direct Sunlight

Harsh sun rays are among the biggest enemies of auto window tints, causing the tint to dry or crack. While car glass tints have UV protection, they are not made to withstand extreme heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Additionally, parking out in the open can also lead to other problems for your vehicle, such as wearing out the paint, impact from debris, overheating, and many more.


As smoking is terrible for your lungs, they are also harmful to your auto window tint. Burn marks can develop on its surface over time, and smoke can penetrate the car’s interior. While you might think of rolling down your windows while smoking, burn marks and smoke pollution can still settle inside the vehicle. These defects are often difficult to clean, and residue can still linger even if removed.

It is advisable to pull over and light up a stick outside to prevent burn marks and secondhand smoking, or simply not smoke in the first place.

Leaving Blemishes Unaddressed

Bubbles, wrinkles, scratches, and peeling edges are examples of deformities that can develop on window tint films over time. Failure to mend these defects can lead to further damage and unnecessary expenditures. Although some imperfections can be fixed using DIY methods, if the job is too tedious, it might be more practical to hire a professional instead.

Using Abrasive Cleaning Materials

Some cleaning materials might either be too physically or chemically abrasive on car window tint films. They can cause imperfections or severe damage that might require replacement.

When choosing a cleaning fabric to wipe your tinted auto windows, it is advisable to use microfiber cloths. Likewise, you should check the ingredients first before purchasing cleaners. If the label does not explicitly say that the product is ammonia-free or free of other potentially tint-harming chemicals, you should find another safer product.

Installing New Tint Over Aged Tint

Installing a new tint over an aged one might result in the unevenness of the color and smoothness. Therefore, it is recommended to have the old window tint removed before installing a new one, especially if it is an aftermarket product. Although sometimes, a manufacturer’s auto window tint may be tinted over to darken the glass. Still, even if the old one is undamaged, it will likely deteriorate earlier and might affect the new layer.

Leaving Old Tint on too Long

Different tint types have varying lifespans, and leaving them on for far too long may do more harm than good. Aged tints will often have lower quality, which may obstruct one’s view. When your car window tints are nearing their life’s edge, it might be time to consult with your tint specialist if replacements are already needed.

Where can You Have Window Films Installed?

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