Tips to Make Your Auto Window Tint Last [Infographic]

Several factors contribute to the longevity of your auto window tints, such as installation quality, material quality, and maintenance. With proper care and handling for your tinted windows, you can make the most of your investment.

To make your car’s window tint last for a long time, consider the tips provided below.

Wait Before Washing Newly Installed Auto Tint

After having car window tints installed, you need to give them several days to dry or cure properly before cleaning them. Immediately washing them can loosen their adhesive and promote bubble formation. However, since auto window films are installed inside, you will still be able to clean your car’s exterior.

Prepare the Right Cleaning Equipment

When cleaning your tinted auto windows, make sure to use microfiber cloths since they are softer, non-abrasive, and have better absorbency than regular towels. Their tiny fibers can pick up dirt into the fabric and away from the window surface without causing scratches or other imperfections.

Even if your car’s window tints are scratch-resistant, you should refrain from using any kind of abrasive material to wipe them with. Remember to exercise caution when cleaning near the tint’s edges as they are prone to peeling.

Beware of Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products use harsh chemicals that can negatively impact the quality of your car’s window tint. For example, ammonia-based cleaners can cause the window film to dry out, deteriorate, and peel off as time goes by.

It is best to use cleaners that are safe for cleaning tinted auto windows. Still, before buying a cleaning solution, make sure to read its label to know if it is free from harsh chemicals.

Look out for Bubbles

Over time, bubbles and other deformities will start surfacing on your auto window tint film, especially if it is nearing its service life or if it is incorrectly installed.

To smoothen out the tint film, apply a little heat using a hairdryer or a heat gun to make the adhesive malleable. Afterward, you can spray a mixture of soap and water on the area you want to fix, and then prick a small hole in the center of each bubble using a sharp and pointed pin or needle.

Lastly, you can use a credit card or a rubber squeegee to scrape out the air inside the bubbles gently. Make sure not to put too much pressure as it can tear the window film.

Allow Your Window Tint to Dry Completely

When your auto window tints get wet from washing your car’s interior, you should thoroughly dry them using a microfiber cloth. Prolonged exposure to moisture can wear down your window tint film and shorten its service life.

Ensure proper installation

Oftentimes, auto window tints are only as good as their installation quality. Poor workmanship can expedite deterioration and cause defects to show up sooner. Vehicle owners must ensure that their window tints are installed correctly to avoid unexpected damage to the window films and unnecessary expenditures.

Where to get Window Films Installed?

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