Does smoking inside the car damage window tints? [Infographics]

Window tints have a lot of benefits for your car. Most of the time, car owners tint their windows once they bought their vehicle to be protected against sunlight. Window tints are also effective against heat and impact. However, there are certain habits that you should avoid to prevent window tints from getting destroyed. 

One of the habits people tends to do when tinting their windows is rolling the window down immediately after installation. This practice almost immediately rips the tint apart. People should also never poke the bubbles too hard if the shades are newly installed. However, there is one habit that is rumored to destroy tints as well. 

Some people that smoke inside the car can cause drastic effects on window tints. If you are a smoker, you should check this article to see if this is true. 

Smoking as a health hazard 

Let’s get this straight. Smoking cigarettes has no health benefit for the human body. Smoking can cause many complications in the lungs, throat, reproductive organs, and other parts of the body. A chain smoker should quit before these repercussions hit and leave permanent damage to the body. 

Before you worry about the effects of smoking on window tints, you should know the hazards of smoking inside the car. Everyone knows that cigarette smoke can last up to six hours. This smoke can have chemicals, and 70 of them can cause cancer. 83% of Oklahomans even favor a law prohibiting smoking in vehicles when minors are present. 

Cigarette smoking is even worse for your car 

According to a study of the University of California, San Diego, and San Diego State University researchers entitled “Residual tobacco smoke in used cars: futile efforts and persistent pollutants,” cleaning has little or no effect on total smoke pollution levels inside the vehicle. Smoke absorbs into a person’s interior. 

Like using the air conditioner or holding a cigarette close to or outside a rolled-down window, ventilation efforts have little or no effect on total smoke pollution levels inside a vehicle. Smokers had more ash and burned marks on the interior of their cars as well as filthier ashtrays. 

Harmful effects of smoking on window tints 

Perhaps, the destructive effect that smoking can have on a window tint is the burn marks that form after a time. Even if you roll the window down, there is a chance that burn marks will develop on the windshield of your car. These marks are difficult to clean, and even if the marks are gone, the smoke still stays inside the vehicle. 

The best way to prevent these marks is not to smoke in the first place. If your senses urge you to light up a stick, it is recommended that you pull over and smoke outside of your vehicle to prevent burn marks and secondhand smoking. 

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