How to save more fuel

One of the characteristics that people look into when buying vehicles is the fuel efficiency of the car. Fuel efficiency is vital to look at because this determines the usage of gas needed to keep the car running. An excellent vehicle at fuel efficiency can save you cash as you need less gas money to go to different places. 

Today, the price of fuel only keeps on increasing due to its global demand. Despite the efforts of having alternatives to power like solar and wind energy, fuel remains the dominant source of administration of the world today. As a vehicle owner, you probably want to save money on fuel. Here are some tips on how to have a fuel-efficient vehicle. 

How do you reduce fuel costs?

Remove excess weight from your car 

One of the factors why your vehicle is consuming too much fuel is because of the extra weight that your vehicle contains. Footballs, deckchairs, toys, etc. might be handy from time to time, but they cost you money to transport. Unless you need an item on a destination, you should always travel light to avoid extra fuel consumption. 

Stay aerodynamic 

Another factor that increases fuel consumption is wind resistance. Vehicles today are designed to aerodynamic shapes, and when you drive, you should prioritize closing your car windows and removing roof racks. Removing a roof-top cargo box can save as much as 20% on fuel over a year.

Inflate tires to the correct pressure 

The surface area that’s in contact with the road increases when a tire is under-inflated. This situation can increase the surface area that is in contact with the road. The more surface area connected with the street, the more drag on the wheel, and according to research, this can increase fuel consumption by 2.5%. 

Sensible driving 

Perhaps the best technique that you can use to reduce your fuel consumption is to drive safely. Besides, driving safely is essential also to ensure your safety. The less braking and acceleration, the less fuel used. People who continuously go faster have to hit the brakes more often, resulting in more fuel. 

Only top up your tank with as much fuel as you need

Topping up with what you need and avoiding having a full tank means the fuel you do have goes slightly further. As annoying as it is to top up your fuel regularly, it helps you get more miles for your money. You can keep a notebook on the glove box to accurately know the fuel you need next time you go to a gas station. 

Have window tints installed 

Your AC usage can also increase your fuel consumption. The hotter the interior, the more you use the AC, and the more you use your AC, the more you spend on fuel. Window tints can decrease the heat that enters your vehicle. Because of your window tints, you do not have to increase the power of your AC system. 

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