How to improve car smell [Infographics]

The looks of your vehicle are essential if you want to get your car maintained. A well-maintained car is known to be an eye-catcher. You can also resell the car at a higher value if you manage to keep the looks for years. Another important aspect of car care is the smell of the vehicle. 

When you buy a brand-new car, there is a specific smell that everyone recognizes. Over time, this smell fades away, and if you leave your vehicle unattended, it may have a horrible smell that is unbearable to those who sit next to you in the car. You do not want to have an awful car smell, and if you’re going to fix your car, here are some tips you can follow. 

Hang an air freshener in your car 

The most traditional way of getting a good car smell is buying an air freshener and open it with the AC unit. There are different scents to choose from, and no matter what you get, you should place it in an area with lots of airflows. Tree-style and other air fresheners can be placed hanging from the rear-view mirror or under the dash.

Put dryer sheets under your car seat 

Dryer sheets are known for having an aromatic smell. Some even compare them to the smell you get after you went to a restaurant. Dryer sheets are also an excellent alternative for air fresheners if you want your car to smell good. Dryer sheets also last longer than air fresheners or even Febreze, which is a huge saver. 

Fill a sock with coffee 

One of the best smells that you can smell every morning is the scent of coffee. The good news is you can make your car smell like fresh coffee grounds by putting coffee beans or feet on a sock or a bag, then placing it by the driver’s seat. The best part of this method is it is all-natural, which means that you won’t smell any harmful chemicals. 

Add essential oils to a clay disc 

You can add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to a clay disc. Once the clay has absorbed the oil, you place it in your car and enjoy the scented air. You can also buy scented candles and put them under your vehicle. Scented candles bring an elegant aroma even if they are not lit. They can be a great addition to your car. 

How do I get rid of car odors?

You can apply several methods if you want to get rid of foul odors in your vehicle. You can clean the interior of your car using a vacuum cleaner on the carpet and flooring. You can also sprinkle baking soda in these areas. You can also drive with your windows rolled down so the smell will exit your car right away. 

These are the tips to improve the smell of your vehicle. If you want to make your car more appealing physically, you should add window tints on them. If you’re going to add window tints on your vehicle, you should contact a reliable tinting company like Global Tint. 

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