Why is your car hotter than usual?

There are moments where your car might be hotter than usual, and it can cost money in repairs if the problem is not solved. A hot interior is one thing, but an overheated car can cause trouble in the long run. An overheated engine can cause unrepairable damages and can even put your life at stake. 

When taken care of, you should not have a significant problem with your car engine for at least ten years. You do not have to replace car parts regularly. However, bearing in hot temperatures is something that car engines are not capable of doing. If you want to know how your car is hotter than usual, you should read these tips. 

Your cooling system has a leak 

One of the causes of engine overheating is leaking in the cooling system of your car. The coolant drips through the puncture, creating space for air to get sucked in. The leak in your roofing system can create a space that sucks the air and occupies the system’s top part. The coolant can’t push through it to reach the engine, causing the overheating.

Coolant concentration 

You should use the correct type of coolant for your vehicle to prevent overheating. The wrong coolant or the wrong mixture of coolant and distilled water can cause your vehicle to overheat. Be minded that your car coolant becomes corrosive over time. It would be best if you replaced it once in a while to avoid wear on the cooling system. 

Radiator problems 

Your radiator can have multiple issues from the radiator and the radiator fan. Leaking and clogging can fail and disrupt and make your radiator, which causes your car to overheat since it can’t pull the heat away from the rest of the cooling system. A bad radiator fan cannot help reduce the temperature of the coolant. 

What are the consequences of overheating?

In such situations, the car engine can stop working. Moreover, the seals and the gaskets can be damaged seriously when exposing to high temperatures that they cannot handle. There are some situations where you cannot do anything to fix. This is why it is crucial to take care of the temperature of your vehicle.

How do I troubleshoot an overheating car? 

There are steps that you can take if your car overheated. Here are some of the steps.

  1. Flush the cooling system when it’s dirty or at the time recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Examine the cooling structure for leakage or any other fault.
  3. Fill up the tank or change the oil regularly.
  4. Inspect the radiator, thermostat, and water pump for any damage.

What are other alternatives?

If you are looking for an alternative that contributes to your car’s cooling, you should have your windows tinted. The heat coming from the sun can make your vehicle susceptible to overheating, and getting window tints installed can block the UV rays of your car. If you want to have window tints installed, there is nowhere better than Global Tint USA. 

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