Tinting world record: What you should know

There are bizarre records for certain fields and aspects, and the crazier fact is another person sometimes beats these records. Some of these world records are made, and some accident happened. One strange world record was when Joel Strasser stuck 3,500 toothpicks in his beard, making the world’s most toothpicks in a beard. 

On the other hand, Lucky Diamond Rich of Australia achieved the world record of having the most tattoos in the world as he spent a thousand hours of body modification. There are also world records that focused on industries such as the automobile industry. Most of these records are parades of a specific type of vehicle at a certain time. 

Preparation for the record 

Leading automotive supplier XPEL established the world record for window tinting at Charlotte, North Carolina last 28th of July 2018. Since there is no official record for the most tinted car windows on an eight-hour shift, Guinness World Records established a new set of criteria for window tinting that needs to be met. 

Here are the criteria for window tinting: 

  • The record would be for the most vehicle windows tinted in 8 hours
  • There was no limit on the number of people who could attempt the record
  • For the file, window tinting was defined as applying a film to darken or change the color of the glass, without replacing the glass
  • A total of 300 windows would have to be tinted to warrant certification
  • To qualify, only full windows were counted – quarter lights not be counted in the total

XPEL worked with Sun Stoppers Window Tinting, one of the largest window tint retailers in the East Coast, in North Carolina for the world record attempt. The cars used for the world record attempt were provided by Town & County Ford in Charlotte, North Carolina, which supplied 100 vehicles, including sedans, trucks, and SUVs. 

XPEL and Sun Stoppers also contacted car enthusiasts in the location to participate in the record-setting event. A total of 60 cars were selected to join the record attempt, and their support is gratefully acknowledged. These cars were tinted free for the event. 

Setting a world record 

The Guinness World Record attempt started at 9 am as the window tinting employees began tinting rows of cars and trucks. Throughout the effort, there were always 20 Sun Stopper employees working on the vehicles while another set of staff prepared them. By 3 pm, 170 vehicles are tinted, and the record was set. 

“Today was such a great experience and added to the respect I have for XPEL as an organization. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we are so grateful for the amazing support and partnership we have with the entire XPEL team”, said Mike Burke, Sun Stoppers Window Tint owner.

Where can I get window tints installed? 

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