How to have stronger car windows

There have been thousands of burglaries that happened last year, and most of them happened on vehicles. Thieves find cars an easy target because they do not need to climb a high structure or pick complicated locks. All a thief needs to do is to either lockpick a door or smash a car window to enter the vehicle. 

Though up slightly on the previous year, “smash-and-grab” theft from cars is regarded as a low-level crime. Thieves’ main targets are bags, jewelry, mobile phones, CDs, radios, and other valuable items that can be carried easily. Other thieves smash the windows then steal the whole vehicle. 

Perhaps, the most vulnerable part of a car is the windows. As a vehicle owner, you want to make the windows durable so they won’t get smashed. Here are some ways to make your windows stronger. 

Have window tints installed 

The best way to strengthen your vehicle windows is by installing window tints. If you aim to protect your windows from thieves and criminals, you should have security window films installed. Security window films can make your windows more durable to impact, and it would take much effort to smash a window. 

The good thing about security film is you can add it as an extra layer to your window tint. You can install dark window tints so criminals would not see the inside of your car. The darkness of your tint, however, should be o a percentage that your state allows. It would be best if you read state laws before darkening your windows. 

What are the other benefits of window tints?

If you also install security window films on your vehicle, the glass shards will stick to the film and not spread to your interior. Besides protecting your home, window tints have other benefits. For instance, window tints can protect you against heat and UV rays. They can also provide more privacy inside the vehicle. 

Have laminated windows 

Laminated windows don’t prevent break-ins, but they can hinder thieves. The length of time to break laminated glass can be as high as over 30 seconds. If you place a car somewhere filled with people, criminals would less likely break in your vehicle. Laminated windows are also for soundproofing. 

You can only laminate the side windows of your vehicle. However, all thefts smash the side windows and not the front or back because they are more fragile. With laminated windows, you no longer have to worry that much. Windscreens are laminated, two panes of glass with a resin in the middle for more excellent safety and toughness.

Other tips to prevent break-ins

Always park your vehicle to secure a place where people are still present. It is also advisable if you park on areas that are surrounded by security cameras. It would also be best if you immediately locked your car windows every time you go outside the car. Car alarms can also help in preventing break-ins. 

Window tints are an excellent way to make your car safer. If you want to have window tints installed on your car windows, you can always go to our website at