Essential items to keep in your car during pandemic [Infographic]

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our society, prompting people to be vigilant now more than ever. Even if we are not infected, we should act as if we contracted the virus to prevent the spread. As of this article’s writing, the United States has a total of over two million active cases of the coronavirus. 

Whether you like it or not, there will be instances where you have to go out and buy important stuff for your family. Some even have to work because they are considered essential workers. Being ready is more than enough to prevent the virus. Whenever you travel, you should have the necessary items to make you and your family safer. 

How can you make your family safer?

If you want to make your family safer, only one family member should go outside and buy essential goods. You should also practice social distancing if you ever go to public places and avoid crowded areas. Every time you touch something foreign, it is best to wash your hands or apply rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizers. 

If you travel a lot, you should keep these items in your car.

Face mask 

This may not cover other parts of your face, but face masks effectively capture droplets—which is the main transmission route of Coronavirus. The most effective mask you can buy is those surgical masks that drugstores and pharmacies have. They are cheap and can effectively catch droplets and filter air. 


Washing your hand remains to be the gold standard for preventing COVID-19 infection. It’s the most comfortable and cheapest way to protect yourself and avoid transmitting bacteria and viruses to objects we often touch. Soaps can help prevent the virus, and you may never know when you will find a sink. 


Alcohol should not be kept in the car. Instead, it should be inside every bag of every person. Alcohol is the most excellent alternative to soap and water as one application makes it impossible for the virus to cultivate in the body. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends getting alcohol products with 70% and above solution.

Alcohol prep pads 

Disinfecting your hands is not enough in preventing the spread of COVID-19, as droplets can also stick to everyday objects. Our smartphones, keys, water bottles, and pens can be infected with the virus, and having alcohol prep pads allows you to wipe these items before using them so you won’t get the virus. 

Wet wipes 

If you do not have a water and bleach solution, wet wipes infused with alcohol will be a great alternative to cleaning certain parts of your car. Make sure to get ones with 60% or more alcohol content in them. 

What other essentials should you get for your car?

Yes, you might get protected against the Coronavirus pandemic by having these items. However, nothing protects you against the sun’s damaging UV rays. That’s where window tints come in. Window tints reflect 99% of UV rays that will come inside your vehicle. The next question should be where you should get your tints. 

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