How to Have an Energy-Efficient Home

One of the most significant bills that can drain your pockets fast is your monthly electric bill. Most of the time, your electrical consumption can cost a hundred dollars every month. If you are concerned about the environment, then you might probably know the amount of greenhouse gas that too much electric consumption emits. 

There are Eco and budget-friendly ways to conserve electricity, and knowing these ways gives you an advantage. Reducing your electric consumption can decrease your electric bill on a significant amount. Another benefit of doing these methods is being a contributor to save the environment. 

Here are some ways that you can be energy-efficient in your house. 

Find Better Ways to Cool your House 

Ventilation and air-conditioning are one of the most energy-consuming activities known to humankind. Almost 50% of the overall energy consumption of every home comes from getting the house cooler. 

An alternative to air-conditioners that you can use is ceiling fans. If you have AC units, make sure to clean its filters so you won’t have to use as much power. Getting your windows tinted is also an excellent way to reduce the heat entering your house. If you ever need a window tint provider, you can always visit us at Global Tint USA

Using your thermostat correctly can also help reduce your electric consumption. Turning your thermostat off at night and turning them down from 75 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day can save your thermostat by 10%. 

Replace Incandescent Lights 

Incandescent light is a thing of the past. Lighting takes 11% of the total electric bill, and if you use incandescent lights, you convert 10% of the light while the rest becomes heat. You can replace traditional incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) that use 75% less energy, or LED lights that save more energy and have no mercury. 

CFL and LED lights can also be a way to cool the house as they do not convert energy to light. However, if your state allowed you to own poultry as livestock, using incandescent bulbs are much more effective on cages where you put your chicks or ducklings. 

Cook Smart 

Cooking is one of the activities that is done on every home. Yes, cooking is a fun activity, but it can also waste too much energy. There are alternatives that you can use to replace your kitchen appliances. 

You can use convection ovens instead of traditional ones. Convectional ovens may be more expensive than conventional ones, but this cost will pay off in the long run as they use 20% less electricity. 

Using an electric stove is also a great idea. It would help if you had a gas range when using a traditional stove and electricity to use the latter. Using an electric stove is safer and cost-friendly as they eliminate the use of gas ranges. 


Converting your house to an energy-efficient one might be a pain in your pocket at first glance due to the changes and prices of appliances, but you will see the efficiency of these products in the long run. 

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