Accessories and Modifications to Add on Every Car

Having their dream car is the dream of most people. For them, having a good-looking vehicle is one of their criteria in deciding what car to drive. Most people choose their car based on exterior design and color. However, there are people, especially those who belong in auto clubs like to spice up their vehicle. 

There are modifications and accessories that you can add in your vehicle if you ever want your ride to stand out. Most of these customization options are for aesthetic purposes. However, some modifications can be useful for you also. 

Here are some ideas to spice up your vehicle. 

Window Tints 

Window tints might be the cheapest option on this list, but it can give your car a better look. Window tint jobs are one of the best options to turn a plain window to a perfect one. Not only that, car windows can protect you from ultraviolet rays and make your car more private. Before tinting, know your state’s tinting laws. 

Paint Jobs 

No law restricts any paint job on vehicles, so you can use this power to have the best paint job that you can have. Other car owners would change the color of their cars to their preferred one, and others would completely treat their vehicle as a canvas. Bear in mind that paint jobs can cause thousands of dollars. 

Sports Seats 

Sports seat can be more comfortable and stylish than stock seats, that is why this is one of the must-have car modifications for you. Sports seats can make your vehicle look like a race car from the inside. Another benefit of sports seats is the improvement of your driving position if you have them installed. 

Underbody Neon Lights 

Underbody neon lights are once again reemerging as a trend for car modifications. If you wish to have neon lights, you should keep in mind that there are states that prohibit the use of this modification. You can even be fined in some states if you try to have blue and red neon lights as local authorities would think that you are imitating the police. 

What Accessories Should I add to my Vehicle? 

You can add a lot of accessories on your car that could help you on a day to day basis. For instance, installing a dash cam can be used as a recording device in case an accident happens. If you use your phone often, then car chargers, phone holders, and head units compatible with your phone should be on the top of your list. 

Other essential tools that you must have in your car are vacuum cleaners, Bluetooth key finders, cargo holders, coffee makers, and food holders. Having these accessories can make your experience as a motorist easier. Unlike car modifications, car accessories are way useful and cheaper, and you should have them first before any car mod. 


Having a car itself should be considered as a privilege and something to be thankful for. However, if you can improve anything for your preference and convenience, then you should not hesitate to treat yourself some vehicle improvements. Before doing so, make sure that you have the right funds. 

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