Infographic: How to Make Window Tints Last Longer

If you are a car owner, there is a high chance that you have shades installed on your car windows. If you haven’t, this is the go-signal that you have been waiting for. Tinting your car windows should never be a waste of money as long as they are efficient. 

When you have your window tints installed, the next thing that you would wish after having installation is getting your money’s worth. And to do that, you have to take good care of your window tints the same way it protects you and your family from ultraviolet rays. 

If you want your window tints to have a long lifespan, here are the things you need to do. 

Invest only in High-quality Window Tints 

In the industry of tinting, you get what you pay. If you choose to purchase cheap tint films, remember that it might not even withstand the test of time. Window tints that would not quickly fade or tear are usually costlier than low-quality tints, but it’s worth it. 

Wait before Rolling Windows Down 

A mistake that is done by many car owners is rolling the window down right after installation. Some window tint experts say that you need to wait for four hours before rolling the window down while others say that you should wait for at least two days. 

To be sure of what to do, you should follow the instructions given to you by your window tint provider. 

Use Mild Cleaners 

Having chemicals like ammonia and other strong compounds can affect the adhesive that holds the film on the window. Your window tint will surely thank you by serving its purpose longer if you use cleaners that contain lighter chemicals. Having cleaners using organic compounds is an excellent choice too. 

Use a Soft Cloth When Cleaning The Windows 

Using abrasive material can result in scratches, which decreases the appearance of your window tints. Using fabrics like microfiber cloth, especially on the first three weeks after installation, maintains the excellent condition of your hues. 

Wait for a Few Days Before Washing 

After installation, you should wait for a few days before getting a car wash. Newly installed window tints are vulnerable to bubbling once moisture has entered inside the other end of the film.

Follow Window Tinting Laws 

If you want your window tints to last, you should avoid getting them removed by local law enforcement authorities. Every state has a required tint percentage, and following the state laws can ensure that you can use your tints freely. 


Your window tints can last more than its expected lifespan if you take care of it properly. If bubbling occurs, you should immediately contact your window tint provider to see if you need a warranty or to resolve the bubbling before it turns to torn tint shards. 

Having a reliable window tint supplier is also vital if you want window tints that can last for many years. Having a window tint provider that has been in the business in a long time is a secure way of having the best tints. 

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