6 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Car Windows

Keeping your car windows free from dirt and grime brings numerous benefits. Apart from enhancing aesthetic appeal, it also improves visibility when driving. It also reduces the need for window tint or glass replacement. Meaning, you can avoid unwanted expenditures to maximize your vehicle investment.

However, when cleaning your car windows, it is best to avoid the following practices:

Cleaning Your Auto Windows First

Some vehicle owners are likely to use spray waxes or other products after washing their car. If you clean your auto windows before doing these steps, you might end up having unwanted residues from these products, requiring you to repeat the window cleaning process. You should save cleaning your car windows for last to avoid unnecessary extra work and to prevent contamination.

Doing the Job in a Hot and Windy Environment 

Heat will evaporate liquids rapidly, leaving unsightly marks and mineral deposits on your car window. Moreover, wind can blow small abrasive particles like sand onto the glass surface, which can cause scratches.

It is ideal to wash your auto windows under a shaded area and if your car’s exterior is cooled down.

Opting for the Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning is when you wipe window glasses when they are dry. It causes friction and lets particles rub over the glass, making it susceptible to abrasions.

Cleaning your car windows when they are lubricated or using moist microfiber cloths helps prevent surface damage.

Using Abrasive Materials to Clean Exterior and Interior Window Sides

Paper products, towels, old rags, sponges, and other abrasive materials will scratch the glass and window tints. They can also transfer dust, dirt, and fibers on surfaces.

It is best to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your car windows because of their softer texture and better absorbency.

Using Ammonia-based Cleaners

Ammonia can leave behind unwanted streaks on your auto windows, affecting their clarity. If your view is obstructed, it can become a safety hazard.

Furthermore, ammonia can impact the adhesive layers of your car window tint and rubber seals. The film will eventually fade, crack, peel off, and break down, while the seals will dry out over time.

When using auto window cleaners, you should always check the label if it explicitly indicates that the product is ammonia-free. Otherwise, it might be more practical to find another cleaning solution instead.

Forgetting to Clean Wiper Blades

Leaving out your car’s wiper blades in the process will only reintroduce dirt and grime on your newly cleaned windows. Dirt buildup not only harms your windshield but also wears down the wipers.

You can use a wiper cleaning solution to remove dirt accumulation on the windshield wipers. Afterward, dry them with a clean cloth.


Knowing what to avoid when cleaning your car windows is a responsible practice for car owners, especially if your car has window tints installed.

If your vehicle does not have window films installed yet, you can go to reliable companies like Global Tint USA. With the benefits of auto window tints, you will enjoy a better driving experience.

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