5 Ways to Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage [Infographics]

Sunlight is an excellent source of warmth and good old vitamin D. It, however, also has harmful UV rays that can bleach your furniture pieces after prolonged exposure. As your couches and tables lie under direct sunlight, you might notice some changes in their color and quality over time.

If you want to protect your home’s interior from sun damage, here are five tips you can consider.

Install Suitable Window Treatments

An easy fix is to put up curtains, blinds, or other window treatments to block direct sunlight. Depending on the window treatment choice, you can control the amount of natural light you want to enter the room.

Place Your Furniture in Strategic Locations

Whether you just moved into your new home or improving your living space, placing your furniture in areas away from direct sunlight is among the best practices you can do.

Shaded sections of the room and areas far from windows and skylights are ideal locations to limit sun damage on your furniture.

However, if you have a fixed room layout or a small living space, it might be challenging to proceed with this option.

Consider the Color and Type of Fabric for Your Furniture

Furnishings fade at varied periods; therefore, color and fabric choices can affect your ability to preserve your home’s interior.

Dark colors often fade faster than lighter ones. If you want to incorporate darker hues, it is best to use them as accent colors rather than your primary color option.

Moreover, some fabrics are more sensitive to sunlight, making them lose vibrancy quicker than others. For instance, silk usually fades faster than cotton, while cotton typically fades faster than nylon or polyester.

You can also consider choosing indoor-outdoor fabrics for your upholstery as they are manufactured to be more durable and resistant to the elements.

Use UV-Resistant Coatings

Applying a layer of protective coating can help preserve your furniture pieces. While it does not prevent color fading completely, it can help slow it down.

To protect your wooden furnishing from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, you can apply either a UV-resistant sealer or a UV-resistant varnish.

Keep in mind, though, that UV-resistant sealers require reapplication every 18-24 months or as the finish thins out. On the other hand, UV-resistant varnish does not need periodic reapplication but should be touched up when the finish begins to crack.

Furthermore, you can use UV-repelling sprays for fabrics and conditioners for leather upholstery.

Apply Window Film

Solar window films are a cost-effective option to protect your furniture from harsh sun rays. They can reduce up to 85% of heat and block up to 99% of UV rays, which can increase your home’s energy efficiency as well.

Additionally, they will not compromise the natural light coming into your home.

It is ideal to have window films installed professionally than making it a DIY project. Besides the possibility of having air bubbles in your film, applying it by yourself might void your window’s warranty.

Where can You Have Window Films Installed?

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