Bad effects of glare

Whether you are at the office finishing your work or driving to get at home, there is one enemy amongst all individuals, and no, the answer is not getting asleep. One of the common problems between drivers and anyone at home or the office is glare. Glare is one of the common causes of annoyance for both parties as well. 

Many people think that glare is only a distraction. However, there is more to glow than just a mere hindrance to your vision. According to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), glare is ‘visual conditions in which there is excessive contrast or inappropriate distribution of light sources that disturbs the observer or limits the ability to distinguish details and objects.’

Whatever the definition is, you probably did not know that a small amount of glare can be doing more damage to your health than you may think. 

Why does glare occur?

Glare occurs where a ‘source of unshielded light is brighter than the average field’ or a stark contrast between bright light and the average light of an area. For a better example, you can see a street lamp not causing glare during dusk. However, the same lamp could cause glare once there is nothing but pitch darkness. 

On the other hand, computer screens, sunlight, incorrectly shielded lights, and low lighting design are the most common reasons why glare occurs in the home or office. Before installing the lights, you should know the proper precautions and eliminate glare as much as possible. Good lighting design can prevent rays. 

Why is glare dangerous?

Glare can cause many health issues, ranging from being a minor annoyance that causes some discomfort and squinting to severe eye strain, impaired vision, decreased safety, visual and bodily pain, injury to your eyes, and a decrease in your overall health. Glare can also cause severe eye damage if you are exposed to it daily.

You might have an experience where you saw a flicker of light reflecting off a table in a room, which made your eyes squint. You might think that squinting your eyes is nothing, but it may cause severe headaches and vision impairment if you do this every day. Glare can also cause muscle strains and discomfort. ‘

When you are driving, glare can even cause accidents because it can distract you from whatever is on the road. 

How do you eliminate glare?

There are many ways to eliminate glare. You can eliminate glare by installing blinds that allow light to filter through softly but remove the harshness of direct sunlight. Another excellent option that could eliminate glare is by installing window tints. Window tints can eliminate glare for up to 90%. 

Another benefit of having window tints installed is its protection against heat and UV rays. Window tints are a great addition to the office or car windows because they can also make your place cooler. When installing window tints, you want to do business with a reliable window company that can offer you various options. 

Where can you have window tints installed?

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