How to safely peel a tint

Window tints can be durable, especially if they are of good quality. There are certain types of tints for you to choose from. Some of these types are dyed films, ceramic window tints, metallic tints, and security films. Window tints are mostly used on vehicles but can also be used for home windows. 

Whatever tint you choose, you will need to replace those tints one day. Tint replacement depends on the tints you choose as tints are not made equal. Some tints peel off and fade faster than others. There are times where you also have to peel your window tints because of wear and tear. Here are some steps that you can do when peeling tints. 

Why should you remove your window tint?

There are several reasons you should remove your window tints. One of the most common reasons is bubbling. Bubbling film not only looks horrible, but there’s also no way to fix it. The first instinct you might have is to peel where it’s bubbling, but this can leave an even less attractive mess of glue and tint chunks.

Another reason why you should remove your tint is for its appearance. Sometimes you don’t want tinted windows, even though they’re in pristine condition. This can be most frustrating since the adhesive is likely at its strongest. However, heat methods work well against the entire tint film. 

How can you peel a window tint?

You can use several methods in removing window tints from your car or home windows, and here are some of them. 

Hairdryer and heat gun 

This method is very doable as you only need a hairdryer or a heat gun to remove window tints. What you only need to do is hold the hairdryer about two inches from the window and run it on high until the glue melts enough to pry the edge up with your fingernail. Once the adhesive melts, you can slowly pull the film away from your window.

Steam cleaning 

Perhaps the best way to remove window tint is to grab a fabric steamer. After several minutes of steaming the window, you’ll melt the glue, and the tint will come right off. One great thing about this method is the excuse also to clean your car’s upholstery. Once the tint is off, you have a bit of glue to contend with. 

Soap and newspaper 

For this method, you need your soapy solution. Now spray the soap solution onto the tint film and cover this with the newspaper. Leave it at that for about an hour or so. Check the outside surface of the newspaper every 15 or 20 minutes to prevent drying. If so, soak it again with the soapy solution. Now, peel off the newspaper using your razor blade.

Where can you have your tints removed?

If you want to have your tints removed then replaced with a new one, then then the best option for you is to go to a reliable window tinting company like Global Tint. You can visit our website at for a free quote.