Uses of decorative window tints (Infographic)

Window tints have a lot of benefits for your home or vehicle. For your home, window tints can protect your interior by blocking UV rays and infrared light brought by sunlight. Having window tints also reduces your gas and electric bill because they block the heat coming inside through the special adhesive the shades contain. 

Window tints are also responsible for making your windows more durable that it will take extra effort before a person shatters them to pieces. There are tints that you can also add to your interior windows and glassware in terms of decorative purposes. These films are a great addition to your office and commercial establishments. 

If you want your windows to have an updated look, you might think of having blinds and curtains. Window films provide something different in your windows and if you’re going to spice up your decorations. Here are some innovative ideas that you can do to your windows using decorative films. 

Hide kitchen cabinet contents 

If you have glass cabinet doors in your kitchen, you can add decorative window films to have privacy on what is inside the cabinets. And with the variety of finishes to choose from, there’s a film that will blend in with any kitchen decor. Glass panels are popular today and adding window films provide a better design for your cabinets. 

Add privacy to a shower door 

If multiple people are using your shower, you want to have more privacy, and your shower door might probably have that feature. You can replace your shower door with a smoked glass door. However, there is a cheaper option, and that is having decorative window films installed on your glass shower door. 

Stop glare from high windows 

If you have a huge building or are managing one, you can suggest having window films installed. Skylights and high-accent windows are good because there is a lot of natural light coming inside your building. However, without window films installed, you are more prone to glare and UV rays that can distract your work. 

Faux stained glass 

One of the most timeless decorations that you can put that you can to your windows is stained glass. However, you might scratch your head once you see the price of stained glass in the market. You can make your stained glass-like window by having decorative window tints installed for a lower price. 

Cover an unsightly view 

You may have an awesome interior inside your house. However, one distraction that can hinder the whole ambiance of your house is something that you cannot control the outside. You can add curtains and blinds to block your home’s outside view, but there will be no natural light coming inside your house. 

You can install window tints in your house windows to block unnecessary views without sacrificing the natural light coming inside of your home. 

Besides the protective benefits of window tints, window tints can provide a better look and a more private space inside your house. If you want to have window tints installed on your car or home windows, you should contact a reliable window tinting company like Global Tint for your needs. 

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