Infographic: How to Test Window Tint Strength

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If you have no window tints installed in your car yet, you will miss a lot in your experience as a homeowner. There are several benefits of having window tints installed, and they provide nothing but comfort and wellness on you and your house. The best advantage that window tints can offer is a more relaxed experience. 

Window tints can reflect heat and infrared light that is coming inside your house. This means that your AC system’s usage is lessened because there is less hot temperature entering your room. The protection of your tints also benefits your car as it prevents the interior from fading. Shades can also reflect UV rays. 

Another benefit of window tinting is the durability that it gives to the windows. If someone tries to break your windows open, they could not easily do that with one throw of a rock. And if the person ever succeeds in breaking your window, they have to deal with the debris that sticks to the shingle instead of breaking indirectly. 

You might wonder how window tints get your windows stronger, and perhaps, you want to test the strength of your windows. Here are some ways that you can do so. 

How can windows get tested for strength?

Please note that window tints do not make your window unbreakable, nor is it the single factor that makes your window durable. The strength of your windows depends on where the glass is made of. However, window tints are there to put extra strength on your windows that some shades make an already durable window almost unbreakable.

There are multiple ways that companies test the strength of the glass. If you wish to have more durable windows, using commercial glass is the best option for you. All commercial windows are required to have a couple of tests before even getting installed in an establishment. Each test determines the durability of windows on impact and environmental factors. 

Your house windows tend to be exposed to the direct wind, which puts significant stress on the windows. Some tests measure the window’s “Design Pressure,” which the maximum wind load a window can withstand. Pressure testing is conducted in laboratories using a pressure-generating machine. 

Another test that laboratories do is rain and air penetration testing. This test measures the window’s ability to prevent air leakage and water leakage. Most commercial windows leak a tiny bit of air, so some air is permitted in the test. The more important test is water resistance testing, where pressurized water is sprayed directly at the entire window.

The best way to know how good your window tints is to see if they are installed correctly. Window tints that are correctly installed if they are not bubbling and tearing apart one week after installation. Window tints that are correctly installed do not peel off easily on the window. They tend to last for years and can bring the best in your windows. 

Where can I get my window tints installed?

You can get your tints installed by a reliable window tinting company like Global Tint USA! If you want to have a free quotation, you can always go to