Infographic: How to Test Window Tint Darkness

How to Test Window Tint Darkness featured image

Perhaps investment in window tints is an investment that you can say is worth it. Yes, the price of window tint installations can be high sometimes. However, installing window tints gives you all the protection you need. For instance, having window tints installed can reduce the heat that enters your vehicle.

What are the other benefits of window tint installations?

Another benefit of having window tints is its ability to protect you from ultraviolet rays. UV rays are known to cause harm to your skin and the interior of your vehicle. Window tints can reflect up to 99% of the UV rays that enter your vehicle. If you want to get your windows stronger, then window tints can also help in making them. 

It is known that window tints can increase the durability of your windows and that it would take extra effort to break them down. And if your windows get shattered, you are less likely to worry about the shards going on the interior of your vehicle. The window tints can hold debris of glass together instead of falling instantly in your car. 

Window tints can also make your car more appealing because they make the windows look great. If you are a private person, window tints also have a feature that can make you almost anonymous. Your dyes can be shaded to the point that no one can see you inside a vehicle. However, there are considerations that you need to follow. 

What are the laws regarding window tint darkness? 

In the United States, the percentage of your front and side windows highly depends on the laws of the state you are living in. Some states do not permit using window tints on car windows. Most local authorities and window tinting stores have a light measuring equipment to measure the darkness of the window tints installed. 

How do you test the darkness of window tints? 

To measure the window tints’ darkness, you should go to your local window tinting company and roll the window halfway down. Your local window tint company should have a window tint meter. Place the tint meter on the window by sliding it onto the partially rolled down window. The tint meter has a slot on it that slides onto a window.

Then, read the digital display on the tint meter. This will give you your exact tint percentage, or opacity rating. Check this rating with your local law enforcement to determine whether it is within the legal tint limit of your states. All states’ tint limits vary slightly. The darkness of your tints has a significant effect on your driving. 

Why does the law enforcement test tint percentage?

Local authorities test the darkness of your window tint because it affects your driving at night. Having window tints with less than 75% Visible Light Transmission can hinder your vision. Also, shades should not be as dark so the police can see what is going on inside your vehicle. The good news is only the front windows should be the ones with 75% VLT.

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