Understanding the Type of Window Tints

Understanding the Type of Window Tints featured image

One of the best accessories that you can add to your window is window tints. Window tints are essential to your car because they make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. Having window tints installed is also beneficial for hot and cold days as they keep the temperature at the right amount. 

Having window tints have several benefits. For instance, window tints can protect your car against the UV rays of the sun. Window tints block 99% of UV rays. Window tints are also responsible for making your windows stronger. And if you are driving on a sunny day, window tints can prevent glare from distracting you. 

Since window tints keep your vehicle’s interior cooler, you’re less likely to crank up the air conditioner. This reduces the amount of fuel you use, saving you money. However, you should know which tints should suit the car. There are different types of window tints, and here are some of them so you can understand what shades to have. 

Dyed window tints 

Dyed window tints are the perfect choice for car owners who are on a budget. They are relatively inexpensive and block sunlight using multiple layers of dye. The dye absorbs solar heat and prevents some of the heat from entering your vehicle. The downside of dyed films is they do not have full protection, unlike other kinds of window films. 

Metalized window tints 

Instead of using dye, metalized window tints use metal in blocking the UV rays of the sun. These particles are almost invisible and are embedded within the film. Metallic films also add extra strength to the windows. This type of film can be recognized by its shine and is proven to be starch-resistant. However, metallic tints can block signals sometimes. 

Hybrid window tints 

There are hybrid window tints that mixes metallic and dyed window films. Hybrid films provide the positive effects of both while reducing their negatives. A commonly used combination is titanium and grey dye. The film is not too dark but can still block glare. This type of tint is what you want you need if you wish to eye protection and privacy. 

Crystalline tints 

Many homeowners want to tint their windows without making them look dark. Crystalline shades will block ultraviolet radiation and solar heat without the need for a dark film. It will seem that there is no tinting at all. You should use crystalline window tints if you wish to have clear windows but want to be protected. 

Ceramic window tints 

Perhaps ceramic window tints are the best option for tinting windows to block ultraviolet radiation and solar heat without the need for a dark film. It will seem that there is no tinting at all. The downside of ceramic window tints is that they are way expensive than other types of shades. However, the results are way better. 

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