Infographic: Top 5 Car Cooling Tips

Overheating is one of the problems car owners can potentially face as their vehicle gets older. Such a problem is likely to occur whenyou leave your vehicle unprotected during a bright sunny day. Therefore, knowing how to cool your car can save you money and can make your driving experience more comfortable. 

Here are some ways that you can make your car cooler. 

Get your Windows Tinted 

Window tinting has many benefits for cars. It protects the interior of the vehicle from losing its color and reduces the heat present in the vehicle. The heat reduction capability of car window tints cools your vehicle and can protect you from the dangerous risks of exposing your skin to the sun. 

Car window tints also make your car look better and are essential for protection and privacy. If you do not have window tints yet, going to your nearest window tinting company like Global Tint is the best option. 

Park in Shady Areas 

If you live in a state like California, which remains hot for most of the year, having a car garage is the best option for you. Parking in shady areas is the best option if you want to keep your car fresh, especially every summer. Parking beside a nearby tree or a parking garage is a great option. If you have nowhere else to park, you can always bring a car cover so heat from sunlight would not quickly enter the car. 

Make your Car Filters Clean 

If you have dirty air filters, less air will come in from your air conditioning unit, which results in a hotter vehicle. Dirty car filters prevent airflow because dust blocks the way of the air from entering the car. It is easier to check car filters on new models of vehicles, and if you see dirt accumulated on it, it is time to change it. 

There are cars that you can change the car air filters yourself, but this is difficult for vehicles from older generations as they need the whole dash to be removed before having the air filters replaced. 

Do Not Pre-Cool 

The faster an engine goes, the more your air-conditioning unit runs, which makes the car cooler. Letting your car “cool down” before you go to your destination would be a complete waste of time and gas. If your car is hot, you can open the car window for ten to twenty seconds to let the heat our before closing them then turning the air-conditioning unit on. 

Also, if you have guests in the back seat, make sure to turn off the recirculation mode of your vehicle’s AC unit. Recirculation takes the air from the front cabin pulled through the system, which makes the first cold, but the backseats hot.

Check Your Engine  

Make sure that the engine of your car is cold as well by having your water checked regularly. Also, always do a maintenance check to see what areas you can improve on your car. Regular maintenance checks also keep your car safer from possible dangers. 

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  1. My cousin is moving to an area that is sunny year-round. She burns easily so she is worried about getting burned while driving to work. Thanks for explaining that getting her windows tinted in her car will help her from getting exposed to the sun while driving.

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