Unexpected Places that Expose You to Sun Damage [Infographics]

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can leave adverse effects like aging, skin damage, and possible skin disease development.

However, you might also be getting exposed to sun damage in places that are often unnoticed. Therefore, it is ideal to stick with recommended sun protection practices to reduce UV radiation damage on your skin.

Listed below are some unexpected places where you might be absorbing harmful sun rays.

On a Cloudy Day

While clouds may look like they cover the sun, they do not completely block out its UV rays. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 80% of UV radiation can get through clouds and penetrate your skin.

When going outside, it is best to wear sunscreen or protective clothing to reduce skin damage from indirect sun exposure.

While Running Quick Errands

Some people might ditch sun protection when running quick errands, especially in nearby places. They might be complacent since they will only be outdoors for a short period. Still, these small moments of sun exposure will accumulate over time.

Regardless if you are going on long trips or running quick errands, you should be mindful to keep yourself protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

While Traveling

Whether you are in your car, on the bus, or in other modes of transportation, UV rays are most likely to travel with you. Window glasses often provide adequate protection from UVB rays. However, they might fail to block out UVA rays fully.

Remember to put on sunscreen whenever you travel. If the vehicle you are riding has a curtain, it is practical to keep it closed.

Moreover, you can opt to have window films installed in your car windows for added protection against the sun.

At Home

Being under the roof of your home does not always guarantee sun protection. Sunlight will pass through your windows and expose you to harmful UV rays. Apart from your skin, furniture and other interior home pieces can also suffer from sun damage.

Again, sunscreen plays an important role in protecting yourself from sun exposure. Furthermore, installing window treatments or window films are other ways you can reduce sun penetration in your home.

At Work

If your office desk is by the window, you might be soaking up some UV rays without you even knowing it. Eight hours-worth of sun exposure is something you should not be getting at work. It can cause sunburn and premature aging. In extreme cases, it can lead to the development of other skin diseases.

As previously mentioned, putting on sunscreen is among the ways you can shield your skin from UV radiation. 

You can also keep your work window safe from sunlight penetration by installing removable curtains or shades. If allowed in the establishment, you can also opt for adhesive window films.

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