What Window Films can do for Your Commercial Space

Most commercial properties typically have large windows to boost the architectural appeal, maximize natural light, and display merchandise. Additionally, windows in high-rise buildings also enable people to have an unobstructed view of the cityscape or other sceneries.

While sunlight has its advantages, it can also make the space distracting and uncomfortable because of glare, heat, and the penetration of harmful UV rays through windows.

Fortunately, window films can address these issues and bring the following benefits to commercial establishments:

Protect Against Sun Damage

Sunlight contains UV radiation that can age the skin and even lead to skin cancer after prolonged exposure. These rays can also damage furniture, decorative pieces, electronics, merchandise, and other interior components.

Window films allow natural light to enter the building while blocking out up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, thus protecting the people inside and the property’s interior.

Lower Utility Bills

Solar control films are known to reduce heat by 85%, thereby cutting down cooling costs. They can help regulate indoor temperature to minimize the stress on air conditioning systems.

Moreover, by maximizing natural light, commercial property owners can save up on artificial lighting expenses during the day.

Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Window films come in various textures and patterns and can be cut into different shapes and sizes. They are cheaper to replace than decorative glass, so redesigning a commercial space is easier and less expensive to achieve.

Additionally, die-cut window films enable companies or brands to incorporate their logos on windows or glass panels.

Create a More Comfortable Environment

Without the glare and the extra heat, employees will have a more conducive working environment to keep them feeling productive throughout the day. Likewise, visitors will feel more comfortable inside the building as indoor temperatures and light are regulated by window films.

Increase Privacy

Sometimes, people are attracted to look into windows to see what is inside the establishment. While some are only curious eyes, others are thieves looking for objects to steal.

In other instances, some businesses require confidentiality with their operations to protect valuable assets. Furthermore, people in the office do not want unauthorized personnel to be snooping around their work area.

Obscure window films offer varying opacity levels to control the amount of privacy as needed in the commercial building. Regardless of the degree of obstruction, window films do not sacrifice natural lighting for privacy.

Add Security

Like any other structure, commercial buildings are also susceptible to natural and human-made causes that can damage or completely shatter glass windows.

Window films are designed to hold broken glass into place to prevent further damage and possible injuries. They are also durable enough to make glass more difficult to smash to deter intruders from breaking in.

Where can You Have Window Films Installed?

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