Window tinting and pets: What you should know

If you want to have a life that is filled with excitement and one that is stress-free, then you should have a pet. Pets can be the best companion that you could ever have. Some say that they are even better than humans. If you are going to have pets, you should cater to all their needs and train them to avoid behavioral issues. 

If you plan to have a pet, you should research before having one. You should consider your lifestyle, home, and even your environment if you wish to take care of an animal. One of the best essentials that you can have for your pets is window tinting installation, and here are some reasons why. 

Window tints can help dogs inside of vehicles

Despite their fur, there is also a chance for dogs to get sunburned. People who spend time mostly on their cars should install window tints to prevent cancer. The lips, inner ears, and other sensitive areas exposed on the skin can be susceptible to sunburns. Window tints prevent sunburns from happening because they block UV rays from entering the car. 

Tinted windows do not make it safe to keep your dog in a hot car

Yes, window tints help cool your vehicle down, but you should never leave your dog in a hot car. Window tints never make your dogs safe in a parked car on a hot day. When your vehicle is parked, its interior heats up quickly, and it only takes ten minutes for a vehicle to be fatally hot for your pet. Always turn the AC on when leaving them inside a car.

If your pets are mostly traveling with you, it’s better to go scratch-resistant 

Occasionally, your dog may scratch the window film without even intending to. To reduce the chance of damage, opt for a scratch-resistant window film. There are many types of tints to choose from, and adding a few dollars for tints that are scratch-resistant is a super saver because you do not have to replace your window tints that much. 

You should extra clean your windows if you have dogs 

Your dog’s slobber may be more noticed if you have window tints as the window tints’ darkness provides a stark backdrop for smudges. The best way to clean your window tints is not using commercial window cleaners but by using dish soap dissolved in water or any recommended cleaner to eliminate these spots. 

Window tints can be used for privacy 

it’s never recommended to leave your dog or cat unattended in the car for extended periods (see RSPCA advice). Still, if you do need to leave your animal in the car for a short while, as well as keeping them cool, you want them to be secure and undisturbed from passers-by. Also, ensure that your vehicle is well-ventilated if you are going to keep your pet there. 

Where can I have the best window tints?

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