Can you make Windows Unbreakable?

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Windows are one of the essential parts of the house. Windows are made to give us a view of what is present on the outside while being protected from the wind and other insects that might get inside our house. Windows are highly useful, but one problem that many homeowners face is the fragility of windows. 

There are many factors why windows break. Perhaps the most common reason why your glass windows shatter is because of kids playing baseball. Another reason why windows break is because of natural calamities such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Theft is also pretty common to business establishments. 

The question that may come to your mind is if you can make your windows impenetrable from all sorts of damage, and if so, what are the ways? Others may ask what alternative measures they should take to make their windows more durable. 

How do you make your windows unbreakable? 

The best way to make your windows unbreakable is through having durable glass as your windows. The best option for you is to make your windows made from the bulletproof glass if you have a local business establishment. Having bulletproof glass protects your merchandise from being stolen and your store from being robbed. 

The two types of unbreakable glass are laminated and polycarbonate windows. Laminated windows are manufactured with a thin, optically transparent plastic sandwich between two thin sheets of standard glass. On the other hand, polycarbonate windows are made of purely plastic glasses fused with flexible polycarbonate. 

What if I want nearly unbreakable windows? 

Unbreakable windows and bulletproof glass are excellent choices if you do not want your windows to be broken. However, they cost more than the average windows. If you do not have a business or if you think that no one is ever going to harm you, perhaps these types of windows are not for you. 

An alternative to unbreakable windows is installing security window films on your windows. Having security window films makes your windows nearly resistant. If they ever shatter, the film will hold the shards, which means no debris will fall off the floor. 

Security window films are also great if you want to block the sun’s UV rays. If you are a homeowner who likes the affairs of your home to be private, then having security tint films installed is also a valuable option. One thing that you should remember is that the composition of the windows determines the strength of the film. 

If you think that security window films can automatically make your windows stronger, we are sad to say that this is not true. The glass determines the strength of your window, and what security window films do is contribute to its durability. Security films also prevent scratches that may occur on the glass. 

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