Infographic: Tint Maintenance and Care

If you want to take care of your vehicle or provide protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, then you need to get window tints installed in your car. Installing window tints can also offer protection from criminals. Window tints make the interior of your vehicle extremely difficult to see. 

Having window tints provide many benefits for your vehicle. However, you should always take care of them just like every part of your car. Proper maintenance and care for your window tints can make it last longer. There are steps that you can do to maintain your window tints, and if you have no idea, here are some tips you can do.

Clean your windows properly 

Cleaning your windows is an essential part of making them last longer. Before tending your windows, you should first let the window tints cure. The curing time for window tints can take from seven to thirty days, depending on the current climate. When you are ready to clean the windows, use a squeegee or a cotton cloth. 

Choose a cleaner that is made explicitly for window films, and when choosing a cleaning agent, you should purchase cleaning agents that do not contain ammonia or other chemicals. If you have no cleaners available, using warm soapy water can also be used. Wiping your windows with a microfiber cloth can also help. 

Using cleaning products that contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals can cause discoloration and damage to your tinted windows. 

Window Tinting Cleaning Tips 

In cleaning the window tints, there are some things that you should know. For instance, you should make sure that your tint films are not damaged. Before cleaning the window, you should always ask your window tint provider if you can already clean your window tints. 

Cleaning them regularly can also extend the life of your window tint films. The best cleaning routine is every other week as a separate routine or as a part of your car washing routine. Regular cleaning helps to minimize the build-up of dirt. Dirt can develop stains and streaks. 

After cleaning the windows, do not leave your car exposed to direct sunlight. Drying your windows via direct sunlight can cause the windows to die evenly. The uneven drying process may result in permanent marks and lines. If you are going to wash your vehicles, it would be best to dry them in shaded areas. 

When cleaning your windows, do not just focus on cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. Including the inner pane of your window, tints also extend the life of them. You can clean the inner glass of your car by using a microfiber cloth and gently wiping them. Unlike the exterior, the interior only needs a little cleaning.

If your car windows do not have window films installed yet, what are you waiting for? Because of the benefits of window tints, you can have a better driving experience. If you ever need a professional window tint provider, you can always trust us in Global Tint USA. 

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