How to make your Car Safer for Pets

There are times when you want to include your pets during the trip. Mostly, dog owners would do this as they love to go to places like parks and beaches with their companions. There are times where you need to take your pets with you because no one would guard them at home. 

There are times where our vehicles can be dangerous for humans, as well as our pets. There are ways that you can make your car safer for your furry friends, and knowing them is essential in being a better pet owner. Here are some tips on how to make your vehicle more reliable for your pets. 

Have Window Tints Installed 

It is a terrible idea if you leave your pets inside a car without your AC system. If you have no choice but to leave your dog inside the vehicle, you should open a small dent on the window. However, the better option is to leave the engine turned on if you are in a secure area. 

Installing window tints can contribute excellently to preventing your interior from heating. Window tints can block up to 90% of the heat that enters your car and 99% of UV rays that may harm you and your pet. No one can also see what’s inside your vehicle, which means that your pets are less likely to get stolen.

Do not Over-Feed your Pets 

Some pet owners may think that they should feed their pets if they are going to have a long trip. This idea is wrong because your pet may feel nauseous once you are on the road. Also, feeding your pets too much food can leave a smelly car as they are more likely to excrete their waste. 

The best way to keep your pets away from staying hungry is to feed them once every three to four hours. Feeding them with small portions of snacks is the ideal solution to this problem because they would not stay hungry. At the same time, you would not have to worry about your pets. 

Always bring what your Dog Needs 

You might not know what may happen during the trip, but you can always be prepared. If you travel a lot with your pets, you should have a kit where the essentials are there. The pet essentials kit must include dog food, water, leash, collar, pet vaccination record, toys, pillows, and even flea powder. 

You can either have a kit that is kept inside the car or have them prepared by the time you are going. If you are going for a long drive, you should perhaps bring diapers and extra medicines for dogs to be sure that they can be well taken care of once an emergency happens. 

Never let your Dog’s Head Out 

Letting your dog’s head out of the window may be fun for your pet, but it may also cause them harm. It will help if you do not let your dog’s head out of the window because it may injure them by the flying debris or by other vehicles passing through. If possible, you should always keep your dog at the backseat. 

Our pets are a part of our daily lives, and they should never be treated less. Keeping them safe should be prioritized, like keeping ourselves safe when driving. If you ever need a reliable window tint provider, you can always rely on Global Tint USA. You can visit our website at