Infographic: Signs of a Bad of Car Window Tinting

A great window tint job can bring tremendous benefits to your car. It can protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays and a hotter temperature inside the vehicle. In terms of privacy, window tints can make the interior of your car unseen from the outside. 

That said, the functionality of window films depends on its installation. If your window tints are poorly installed, you might have to spend more than your installation costs. Window tints that are poorly installed can decrease the capability of protecting you against UV rays. The lifespan of your hues is also reduced once they are not correctly placed. 

Here are some tell-tale signs that tell that your window tint job is a bad one. 

Noticeable Gap and Uneven Lines

Expert window tint installers can accurately measure the tints that it will take for your whole window. Dyes that have jagged lines or noticeable gaps are the works of a tint company that does not have a computerized template in installing window tints.  

The Films are Color Purple 

Window tints can come in many colors. The most popular tint colors are black, grey, charcoal, bronze, and gold. However, If the films suddenly experience discoloration and turn purple, this means that the tints used on your windows are the cheapest quality that can easily tear off. 

Tint Bubbles 

Perhaps the most noticeable sign that your tints are done by people who only want money is bubbling. It is usual for window tints to form bubbles a few hours after installation. Tint bubbles can last up to a week, but if there are still bubbles a few months after installation, this only means that you should replace them immediately. 

Window Tints will Peel off 

Tint films are supposed to have a strong bond with the window. This is the reason why skylights are nearly unbreakable once shades are installed. If your tints peel off after a few weeks, this could mean that there was a problem with the installation or the film itself. You can also cause peeling by rolling the window down right away after installation. 

There is Dirt Stuck in the Films 

One of the first steps in tint installation is cleaning your windows, so no dirt particles or other materials get stuck inside the film after installation. If your tints are installed on an outdoor environment, there is a considerable chance that dust may be present inside your shades. 

What does a Reputable Window Tint Installer look like? 

A window tint company that you should trust is the one that has a clean indoor working space to prevent dust from building up. 

They will also have a warranty for every tint job, which shows their confidence in the quality of their work. In terms of options, different types of car window tints and colors can suit your taste. 

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