Infographic: Automotive Trends in The 2020s

A new decade is approaching, and this means that there will be new technologies invented for the convenience and improvement of our capabilities as humans. Because of these technologies, markets will become more competitive than ever. There would be trends in different industries, and this breeds new trends. 

Fortunately, the automotive industry has always been on par with the technological advancements happening in the world. Most of these technological marvels are made to satisfy our needs in terms of digital transformation, as the automotive industry is the second most data-driven industry in the world. 

Here are some automobile trends that you should watch out. 

More Connectivity 

In the next decade, expect that every car that will be introduced will come with Wi-Fi or other forms of connectivity to the internet.

As we consider the internet as a need in this day and age, automobile manufacturers will ensure that the internet would not only be available at your home or office but also your vehicle as well. 

Autonomous Vehicles 

Tesla, Uber, and Waymo are some of the companies which have shown their capabilities of developing cars with a stand-alone driving feature. However, autonomous driving for vehicles is expected to be seen in the next decade fully. This means that in the next coming years, there could be a possibility that you can be relaxing in your vehicle while it drives you autopilot on any place you want to go. 

Better Customer Experience 

The early stages of voice command had been awkward to some users as it can take up to five minutes before getting a car to do a specific action that you ordered. Because of the rise of voice-activated systems, companies are improving their voice command in the vehicle as well. An example of this improvement in voice command is Apple Car Play, which creates a transition between your phone and your car. 


Your data is vulnerable to hacking once you synched your smartphones in a car, especially cars that you rent. Most drivers have no idea that their data can be breached, so in 2020, there will be education campaigns regarding the safety of automotive connectivity. In terms of road safety and security aspects, having good quality window tints are still relevant in the upcoming decade. 

Improved Buying Experience 

Because of virtual reality, car purchasing has never been more comfortable. For example, Toyota developed an augmented reality system that enables users to know specific car models without going to a showroom itself. Audi, on the other hand, allows users to configure car models. Dealers are also benefited om having virtual showrooms because it saves them space. 

What Else to Expect? 

Because of the developments in the automobile industry, the next thing to expect is a safer driving experience and fewer greenhouse emissions. Shorter modeling cycles are also likely to come as the following decade approaches. Despite all these trends, what makes a vehicle special is the memories you make with it. 

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